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  • How to relieve allergies naturally? It's Raining Pollen!

    Relieve allergies naturally tips Relieve allergies naturally with organic peak best products listed bellow.

    How to relieve allergies naturally.

    Yes, It's Raining Pollen, the sun is out and actually beginning to provide heat in the northern hemisphere. And with that, all kinds of plant life are waking up and wreaking havoc on those of us that are cursed with hyper immune systems. Relieve allergies naturally is not a easy task, you will need to resist the temptation of the drug store pills and start boosting your immune systems with herbal extracts and supplements, on which normally will take a little longer to relief the symptoms but you will definitely benefit on the long run.

    Allergies are indeed an interesting phenomenon of the body. Christian Nodqvist defines allergies as "hypersensitive immune responses to substances that either enter or come in contact with the body." In his article on allergies, he cites 9 interesting fast facts about allergies in the U.S.:

    • Allergies are the result of an inappropriately large immune response
    • Some of the most common allergens are dust, pollen and nuts
    • An estimated 1 in 5 Americans have an allergy
    • Allergies have a range of symptoms that can include sneezing, peeling skin and vomiting
    • Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that can be life-threatening
    • There are a number of risk factors for allergies, including a family history
    • If you already have an allergy, you are more likely to develop an allergy to something else
    • In theory, any food has the potential to be an allergen
    • To diagnose an allergy, a clinician may take a blood sample.

    Having allergic reactions to nature can be a terrible joke after enduring a long hard winter. Here are some interesting natural remedies you can try to relief the symptom of pollen and season allergies- the neti pot, local honey from your neck of the woods, nettles, and probiotics.


    Nasal Wash system Nasal Wash system from Nasopure.
    A.Vogel Allergy Relief A.Vogel Allergy Relief
    Organic Echinacea Goldenseal Plus SALE Echinacea Goldenseal Plus - Oregon Wild Harvest
    Kids Allergy Herbal Support - Kids Allergy Herbal Support - Oregon Wild Harvest



    See our previous blog post on: Natural Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant.

  • Natural Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

    Natural Deodorant and It's Benefits

    Our bodies contain sweat glands for a reason; and these glands act as outlets for our bodies to release toxins from. You will notice that some topical underarm products will either claim they are deodorant, and others will state that they act as an antiperspirant. Altering the odor that releases from your sweat glands can easily be done through the use of deodorants made up of all natural ingredients. However, antiperspirants promote an unhealthy process – disabling your sweat glands from having the ability to naturally do their job, which is, to secrete toxins in the form of sweat. So, next time you go shopping for a deodorant, make sure you opt for the healthy, more natural deodorant alternative.

    deodorant Do you know what's in your deodorant?

    Why Antiperspirants Are Unnatural

    Most antiperspirants on the market utilize a variety of toxic ingredients to block your body from natural perspiration – the most commonly used ingredients being parabens, phthalates, and compounds made up of aluminum and other metals that are unsafe to apply topically on your skin. The sweat glands underneath your arm are especially sensitive when it comes to absorbs toxic materials, which is why using antiperspirants laced with harmful ingredients can increase the risk of many forms of sickness, one being Toxic Shock Syndrome. When these products are used daily, your body is getting a steady supply of everything you don’t want. Plus, the amount of toxins you are sweating out has now decreased, since the antiperspirant is blocking your glands from performing their task. These toxic additives and metal compounds can also cause the smell to worsen – even though most of these products are meant to smell incredibly appealing when first applied.

    spray Most aerosol deodorants contain toxic and synthetic materials.

    Choosing a Natural Deodorant

    There are many natural alternatives that exist on the market today. The base for these deodorants vary – some having an aloe vera base, which is known to sooth irritated skin, so it might be best to transition into this type first if you are experiencing underarm inflammation. Many natural deodorants consist of few ingredients, with baking soda and salt added to help neutralize the odor. Essential oils can also be added into deodorants to provide a better scent while your body emits its natural aroma. So instead of subjecting your glands to harmful substances, make the switch to natural deodorants. And depending on what deodorant you opt for, there is also the potential to increase your body’s mineral content, as some of these natural alternatives contain Himalayan salt, which is known for its dense content of trace minerals.

    Jason natural deodorant All Natural, highly effective deodorants by Jason.



    If you are in search of all natural deodorant that works, check out our online marketplace at Organic Peak and select one that best fits your needs.


  • Mineral Baths to Improve Health

    Why You Should Being Taking Mineral Baths

    Mineral baths Adding mineral salts to your bath can improve overall health.

    In today’s world, many people unknowingly fall victim to the side effects of mineral deficiency disorders. Ideally, we would be able to get all of the minerals and nutrients that our body needs from eating organic foods and uncontaminated water from natural sources. Unfortunately, most of us are lacking ideal levels of necessary minerals, resulting in a variety of ailments that we usually blame on some other cause. Sometimes our ailments are because we are deprived of something particular, in this case, certain minerals are not obtainable through our standard diets.

    An Easy Solution to Mineral Deficiencies

    Bath salt options Bath salts come in a variety of colors.

    One option for treating a mineral deficiency is the integration of mineral rich bath salts into our regular bathing routine. These bath salts, depending on where they originate from, contain high amounts of naturally occurring minerals, and can have great benefits for overall wellness well used regularly. Mineral rich baths can help restore trace mineral to our bodies, and also aid in detoxification when used properly.

    How to Make a Mineral Bath

    Making a mineral bath is very simple, but the effectiveness all depends on the quality of bath salt that is added to your bath water, and, how long you let yourself steep in the bath. Toxins are released through the body while immersed in the mineral bath by the process of osmosis, sometimes with the help of other ingredients, such as natural clay that is known for it's detoxifying purposes. Trace minerals from the bath salts are then absorbed into the body, restoring us in areas that can sometimes not be achieved through our diet. Most mineral rich bath salts are easy to mix in bath water, especially when using warm water, while remaining safe enough to allow the sediment to be easily washed down the drain after use.

    The Leading Force in Quality Bath Salts

    Redmond Mineral baths Redmond's Bath Salt contain very high amounts of beneficial trace minerals.

    Redmond offers a very high quality, mineral rich bath salt that contains naturally occurring red clay, as well as a wide variety of trace minerals that come directly from the Earth itself. Redmond extracts its natural bath salts through specifically sourced deposits that have been protected from modern day pollution, leaving us with a product that has a high mineral content with no additives or preservatives. Regular use of mineral baths can help improve circulation, soothe stiff and sore muscles, aid in detoxification, and also help promote more restful sleep.

    Redmond’s Selection of Natural Products

    redmond products Others products from Redmond

    Redmond has been in the business of supplying health conscious consumers with great quality products since day one. Check out Redmond’s Bath Salts, as well as other great, effective products such as Redmond Clay Earth Paste which can be used to improve oral hygiene and help remove plaque. Visit us online or in store to pick up your favorite Redmond products today!

    If you are also interested in learning how to help your detoxify while in the shower, then be sure to check out our previous article on how to detox during your morning shower.

  • An Introduction to Natural Perfume

    Natural Perfume vs. Artificial Perfume

    Why to Avoid Artificial Fragrances

    Perfume Spray Do you know what's in your perfume?

    The problem with most of the perfumes that are available to the public today is that the regulations of chemical additives and ingredients used in most conventional perfumes can be harmful to not only the person who applies them, but also those in close contact with them. Maybe you have noticed at one point or another that these scents and smells emanating from these topical substances can cause headaches, eye and nose irritation, and a slew of other side effects caused by the toxic petrochemicals that are often used to formulate the appealing fragrance of these colognes and perfumes. Most of the time, these petrochemicals are by-products of petroleum and other natural gases, which you definitely don’t want to be breathing in, or applying to your hands and neck on a daily basis.

    Fragrance SicknessConsumers are left in the dark when it comes to what these products contain because of the strict “trade secret” protection laws, allowing these companies to not specify which chemicals are being used, but rather to just list the name of the fragrance instead. Needless to say, these products should be avoided at all costs. However, there are various natural, non-toxic alternatives on the market today that use all natural ingredients, which get their scent mainly from essential oils.


    Natural Alternatives

    Maroma perfumes Maroma offers various natural scent options

    There are many companies working towards making available a cleaner, more natural, and even beneficial fragrance substance for everyday use to appeal to both men and women. Maroma has succeeded in developing a successful line of various different types of non-toxic perfumes in liquid and solid form. The liquid form is a highly concentrated, non-alcoholic natural perfume that contains no synthetic materials, and instead, only a few necessary all natural ingredients. The solid form differs by offering a natural, wax-based substance that comes in a recyclable plastic container that you can take anywhere and reseal between uses. With either option, you are consciously making a better decision in choosing a fair-trade, all natural perfume with scent options that come directly from the type of essential oil used, in comparison to synthetic perfumes that use harmful chemicals to formulate the scent.

    More about Maroma

    Maroma takes pride in manufacturing all natural perfumes, candles, incense and other home fragrance products as well as body care products dedicated to serve the growing demographic of health conscious consumers. Maroma is also a fair-trade company, with over 50 different options when it comes to their natural perfume line, all derived from essential oils such as lavender, rose, jasmine and much more.

    Maroma incense Maroma's line of natural incense

    Where Can I Find Maroma Perfume?

    At Organic Peak, we provide customers with a broad selection of natural, non-toxic products. Check out our online marketplace, or visit us in store, to pick up your favorite Maroma Perfume, as well as other all natural products from Maroma.


    If you are suffering from sinus issues related to the use of artificial perfumes, be sure to check out our most recent blog post on how to effectively clean your nasal passages using Nasopure.





  • Nasopure: The Modernized Neti Pot

    Nasopure and Nasal Irrigation

    Neti Pot Use Using A Neti Pot

    For many years, people have been using neti pots along with other forms of nasal irrigation to help relieve sinus issues, reduce congestion and clear their nasal passages of debris and pollutants. Millions of people around the globe are affected by such issues, such as asthma, seasonal allergies, swollen sinus membranes and even difficulty breathing because of inflammation due to blockages caused by bacteria and dust in the air we breathe every day. Also, living in a big city, like most of us do these days, only makes the conditions worse. Luckily for us, neti pots and other modernized versions and techniques are available to us at our fingertips. Companies such as Nasopure are working to better equip the public with an easy, yet effective way to clear their nasal passages on a regular basis.


    How Nasal Irrigation Works

    Irrigation Diagram Nasal Irrigation Diagram

    The most common and effective method of nasal irrigation has proven to be the use of the neti pot. This practice has been around for generations in many cultures, but seems to have stemmed from Ancient India, as it was used often in Ayurvedic practices. The neti pot allows one to easily pour water into one nostril and out of the other, thus irrigating the nasal passages, while the head is slightly tilted to help promote a steady flow of water. The water used in the nasal irrigation can also be altered in hopes to better improve the effects. Creating a saline salt solution using Himalayan salt can provide a higher mineral content, while using buffered salt can provide an alternative to those who are more sensitive to other types of salt solutions. However, using plain old tap water from your sink will not get the job done. These salt solutions are used because of their ability to relate to your body’s pH level, and also they have many antibacterial and cleansing effects when mixed with warm water. Sometimes baking soda is also added to increase the abrasiveness of the solution, making it easier to loosen some of the stiffer areas of congestion and build up.

    The Nasopure Nasal Wash System

    Nasopure Kit The Nasopure Nasal Wash System

    There are very effective alternatives to the neti pot for those who are on the go, or are just searching for a simply, more lightweight applicator to perform nasal irrigation at their leisure. The Nasopure Nasal Wash System is a lightweight, BPA-free plastic bottle with a resealable cap and ergonomic design to make the process more appealing and youth-friendly.  The bottle also includes level lines that help guide you through the process of easily flushing out all those unwanted allergens and mucus that reside in your sinuses. You can also benefit from using the bottle design vs. the metal pot design because of the ability to squeeze the bottle while in use to increase water pressure.





    Where Can I Find Nasopure?

    Nasopure for Kids The Nasopure is safe for children ages 2 and up.

    The Nasopure Nasal Wash System is available in many retail and online locations such as our online marketplace. When you purchase Nasopure, you’ll receive the environmental-friendly, 100% Recyclable Nasopure squeeze bottle, as well as the Nasopure Buffered Salt Solution Mix and detailed instructions on how to effectively use Nasopure to clear your nasal passages and achieve a better quality of health. Nasopure is available in an 8 oz. size bottle for adults and also a smaller, 4 oz. bottle, more suitable for kids over the age of 2. Also, be sure to check out Nasopure’s paperback book, Clearing The Air One Nose At A Time, which can be purchased through the Nasopure website.



  • How to Detox During Your Morning Shower

    How to Detox During Your Morning Shower

    Detoxification Shower Detox During Your Shower Routine

    Most people consider their morning shower to be more of a chore rather than an opportunity to improve their health and detox their body. In today’s generation, we have so many resources to help improve our everyday cleansing experience.  Utilizing your time spent in the shower can drastically improve your day in terms of supporting mental sharpness, metabolism function, blood circulation, and many more benefits.

    Contrasting Water Temperatures

    The term “contrast shower” refers to the method of abruptly changing the temperature of water from one extreme to the other while showering. As we stand underneath the flow of warm water, we feel relief in areas that suffer from tension and stiffness. But not only can taking hot showers improve physical comfort, studies have also shown that taking a hot shower can increase feeling of happiness by naturally raising our oxytocin levels, thus giving us a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. The steam produced by the hot water can also act as a decongestant if you happen to be suffering from any nasal or respiratory issues. Alternating the temperature of the water from hot to cold (and vice versa) while showering forces your blood flow to increase because while the hot water helps to dilate your blood vessels and increase circulation, the application of cold water will in turn constrict your blood vessels and decrease circulation temporarily.

    Contrasting temperatures in the shower also helps to stimulate your lymphatic system, thus increasing lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs underneath the surface of the skin that help rid the body of toxins. The lymphatic system’s main function is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. So when the lymph is stimulated by the process of contrasting water temperatures applied to the body, this system works much more efficiently throughout the day, resulting in a better functioning body overall. Daily lymphatic stimulation has been linked to increased metabolic function, improved brain health, and even clearer looking skin. So, next time you enter your shower with the intention of cleansing your outer body, consider utilizing this method and cleanse your inner body as well!

    Introducing Essential Oils

    Essential Oils by Nature's Alchemy Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been known for their beneficial properties through aromatherapy techniques for thousands of years. A basic way to introduce essential oils into your shower routine is to simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil while you have the water on a very warm temperature, high enough so that the water is producing steam. All you need is a few drops and you should smell the essential oil being distributed through the upward flow of steam. Make sure you don’t apply any of the oils to your skin directly, as some of these oils can irritate skin if applied topically without a carrier oil. Deep breathing while in the midst of this herbal steam will only help the essential oils in being more effective. If you usually shower in the morning and need an extra boost to help start your day, try adding peppermint or wintergreen essential oils to your shower, as these are both have stimulating and invigorating properties. If you rather shower at night to help yourself decompress, try adding some lavender essential oil to help ease stress and relax the body. Nature’s Alchemy is a highly recommended brand when it comes to natural, high quality essential oils for aromatherapy use, with a wide variety of different oils to choose from.

    The Benefits of Body Brushing

    Body Brush Use A Body Brush to Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

    Dry brushing your body may be one of the most easily and effective ways to help your body’s detoxification process on a daily basis. Not only can this help eliminate dead skin cells from your outer body, but performing this method can also help stimulate lymphatic drainage. Most people experience a heightened state of energy after dry brushing, especially when paired with contrast showering. Start off by purchasing a brush that’s made with soft, all natural bristles. Brushes that are made with synthetic bristles often contain toxic chemicals, so it is best to stay away from them. You can find a good quality, natural body brush for around $7 - $10 in your most natural products store. Use online drainage diagrams and charts, such as the one provided below, to determine what brushing technique can best stimulate and eliminate any stagnation occurring in your lymphatic system.

    Lymph System Diagram Lymphatic System Drainage Diagram

    Choosing the Right Soap

    Dr. Bronner's Soaps Dr. Bronner's All Natural Castile Liquid Soaps

    In today’s market, there are so many different brands of soap it can sometimes become frustrating on which one to choose. Many soaps on the market today contain toxic and harmful ingredients that are not ideal for external use on our bodies. However, there is a growing demand of natural soaps made with organic ingredients, thus giving the health conscious consumer a much wider variety of options to choose from. Dr. Bronner’s has been in the business of making great quality soaps made with organic ingredients for over 100 years. They have a broad selection of soaps in castile and bar form, with different options when it comes to what aroma/herbal infusion best suites you. Dr. Bronner’s products can be found in our online store as well as our retail location in Mineola, NY.

    Filtering Your Shower Water

    Berkey Shower Filter Berkey's Highly Recommended Shower Filter

    Water filters can be used for more than just drinking water. Companies have been manufacturing shower head filters for years, with a valid purpose. Just because we are not ingesting the shower water internally, we are absorbing a percentage of the water through our skin pores. Depending on your location, conventional, unfiltered tap water can contain an innumerable amount of toxins, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals that no one should want pouring all over their body. Especially when the purpose of this water is to clean ourselves! Making an investment in a shower head filter is highly recommended in today’s society. Prices of shower filters can range anywhere from $25 all the way up to hundreds of dollars, depending on how much you want your water to be filtered. When choosing a filter, for your use or for drinking purposes, make sure the one you choose is proven to filter out fluoride and chlorine, which are often found in many conventional and municipal water sources. If you want to take it up a notch further, look for a filter that also eliminates the majority of heavy metals and radiation as well. The most recommended option on the market today is the Berkey shower head filter. Berkey also makes an entire line of highly effective water filtration systems which include water filters for the home and portable filtered water bottles.

    See our previous blog on How to Keep our water clean? For better greener planet.

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    Check out on our latest blog: How to Keep our water clean? For better greener planet.

  • How to Keep our water clean? For better greener planet.

    Good sustainable ideias to keep our water clean Good sustainable ideas to keep our water clean

    Keep our water clean! For generations, children have been raised with the knowledge that less than 3% of the water that covers the Earth is made up of fresh water. If you'd like to look for it, you'd have to dig more than one mile beneath the ground in most places. In the time that we've become acutely aware of the value of fresh water, many have trusted in the power of human innovation to resolve what is deemed as a crisis of the modern world- how to maintain freshwater reserves and provide enough fresh water to sustain Earth's human population. It is interesting to note that much of Earth's fresh water is stored beneath the ground.

    Here is a list of three clever innovations to help to keep our water clean :

    Filtered Water Bottles: Gone are the days that your grandmother's best advice for camping or travelling would be "boil the water, sonny!" Some of the niftiest new bottles include an advanced water filtration system that puts the power of purity in the hands of consumers (literally).

    Watly System: It is a solar powered computer, an electricity source, AND a water source! This new invention has been tested and is seeking investors in order to bring a new portable system to nations that need remote energy.

    Rainwater Catching: Sounds simple and age old, but the practice of catching and harvesting rainwater could be extraordinarily useful in a time where main line water is chemically treated or exposed to pipelines that may leech unhealthy matter into your drinking water.

    Using sustainable biodegradable product like these ones bellow. Will definitely help on creating better, cleaner planet.

    Seventh Generation eco-friendly laudry detergent Seventh Generation eco-friendly laundry detergent
    Maxim Cotton products are not sprayed with pestecides to keep water clean and a sustanable planet. Maxim Cotton products are not sprayed with pesticides to keep water clean and a sustainable planet.
    Earth Friendly dish soap - Natural pear scent. Earth Friendly dish soap - Natural pear scent
    All Purpose Glass Cleaner - Mint Scent All Purpose Glass Cleaner - Mint Scent

    Stressed out about the environment. Try investing in a new idea or a new way of being!

    Obama speaking on Flint water crisis : Obama drinks flint water

    Obama tries flint water Obama tries flint water

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  • Organic sports supplements in Nassau

    It is way important to keep'on moving. Whatever sport you decided to practice. Organic Peak in Mineola, Long Island is where you can find the best on organic sports supplements in Nassau county.

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    Garden of life's Raw CoQ10 Chia Seed Oil 200mg is a raw whole-food supplement designed to boost your own body's energy production & physical performance.

    Bluebonnet  has two awesome amino acids that not only will help soothe those sore muscle but will repair and restore your body so you can be ready for the next training session.

    BCCA's Branched Chain Amino Acids &  Vegan Free-form Amino Acid L-Glutamine 500mg 100vcap. Fast muscle performance, and recovery.

    L-glutamine free for amino acids Free form Amino acid vegan form.
    Branched chain of amino acids read more. BCAAs Amino Acids Speed recovery and muscle performance

    Prepare your body for that hard workout by taking Remond's Re-Lyte Sports Caps one hour before you exercise will help prevent those unpleasant cramps.  Each capsule is packed with essential electrolytes to delivery maximum hydrating minerals.

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    Re Lyte sports supplements - reduces your muscle cramps. Re Lyte sports supplements - reduces your muscle cramps.

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  • When Earth day Started?

    Earth Day Started with an idea of a bigger human responsibility, for a better and more clean planet.

    Earth day Started on April 22nd of 1970 It came at a culminating point in American history when citizens of the U.S. had been exceptionally affected by the horrors of DDT, oil spills, plummeting rates of survival for animal species and so much more. It was a day created in the spirit of honor and remembrance, not of something dead, but an Earth that's glorious, alive, and most of all- an Earth that is humanity's responsibility.

    Considering the deep harm done, one could argue that the celebration of Earth day Started in the U.S. carries a dark irony to it. However, one could also argue that there is reason to honor still. There is reason to celebrate innovators and thinkers who believe in rejuvenating our Earth and creating honor through their work. Take a look at 5 students' work from the past year that will exact inspiring change:

    Celebrate earth day by enjoy the outdoors, make earth day known so we continue to preserve our nature for generation to come. And if you are outdoors, make sure to dispose your garbage in the right recycle bin. ;-)

    via GIPHY

    Earth day Started for a greener planet. Earth day Started for a greener planet.

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